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Slipping Slate

Problems with slipping roof slates every time the windy weather arrives, your insurance company says its wear and tear or it's simply not worth claiming because of your policy excess, now with new Nano technology you can make this unnecessary annoyance a thing of the past.


A professional refurbishment of your slate roof is a practical and cost effective solution to avoid future disruption and expense.

Protech have now developed a unique innovative coating, this quality product is 100% acrylic solvent based system. This superb resulting coating can make your old roof look like new again at the fraction of the cost of re-roofing.

Protech system is designed to be sprayed at the correct pressure and flow rate to achieve a smooth even finish to the roof surface but still keeping the traditional features of the roof area and giving you peace of mind every time the winter weather arrives.



Before any coating installation

Completely overhaul roof


The gutters and outlets are protected


The roof is thoroughly cleaned


The correct anti-fungal wash is applied


tarpaulines are laid where necessary


We always leave site clean and tidy


Remove all moss, algae, lichen etc. by hand Biodegradable fungicidal wash is applied
Completely power wash the roof surface and make good to roof where necessary First coat of two in progress with our quality roof spraying unit

Quality Guaranteed 100% - 15 Year Guarantee



• No expensive re-roofs

• Insulating benefits

• No more slipping slates

• UV resilient

• Environmental friendly

• Total heat and frost proof

• 100% waterproof

• Non Flammable

• 20 year guarantee

• Maintenance Free

• Cannot peel flake or crack

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