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Flat Felt Roofing

There are several methods of flat felt roofing but we only use one product, this is the permatorch 4.5. This high protective performance torch-on system is designed to melt into your existing roofing felt giving even more added protection and leaving a hard decorative top finish it is easily the best all round performing roofing felt in its class. It can be applied to sloping flat surfaces and dorma sides.

On new build IKO Universal APP underlay should be installed for best results

If your flat roof has lost most of its protective grit and is showing dark patches it is time to act. The suns rays will cause the Bitumen to blister then the frost will attack causing the felt to crack. If you are in doubt, our roofer will visit you free of charge and give you his honest opinion on the condition.



Cost effective Does not need underlay
Durable and flexible Excellent seam sealing
Heavy polyester base Reinforced cross twist
Superb all year round performance Frost and heat resilient
No need to remove existing 15 year guarantee



Flat Roof ProblemFlat Roof Problem

Dont be mislead by cheap imitations!

Flat Felt Roof

20% Discount for flat felt roofing during November, December and Janruary.

Free Flat Roof Programme

We are roofing professionals who care about the quality and stability of your roof, hail storm, wear and tear can compromise your roof protection ability.

The best way to assess the condition of your flat roof is through our free no obligation roof survey with our on site telescopic recorder so you can see the condition of your roof yourself.

We will give you our honest professional opinion if your roof requires attention or simply it's in good condition not only is our service a great preventative measure it's also a great way to get too know us

Quality Guaranteed 100% - 15 Year Guarantee
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