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Interseal with clear seal

When deciding the best option for your properties exterior walls, different ideas may come to mind. Old brickwork and stonework often shows signs of damage to the pointing - that is where the cement structure deteriorates and falls out between the joints, re-pointing is essential in preserving the integrity of the building.

Our professional renovation team are used by property owners, developers and contractors who want to bring their investment back to its original condition or as near as possible.

If you are looking to clear coat your newly renovated building this product is for you. Our superb resulting coating can also be used on new builds and rendered substrates after suitable preparation and will form a hard wearing invisible barrier allowing your walls to breath. Prevents mortar joints from ever perishing again, makes future maintenance easy and eliminates any water ingress for many years to come.

Please Call or Email us for further advice or information.

It makes sense to remove efflorescence

Efflorescence has been around since man laid the first masonry stone to build his designer cave. Many studies have been developed and numerous attempts have been made to eliminate this annoying problem but nothing has been proven to be completely effective against it.

There are two kinds of efflorescence firstly a powdery substance and secondly a crystalline and these salts must be identified before attempting to remove efflorescence. Brickwork, concrete, wood and stonework are at peril from this intrusive mineral and indoor air quality can become an issue.

If you have efflorescence contact GDW we have vast experience in identifying and removing efflorescence with amazing results. Contact us for a free local survey and learn more about our unique efflorescence removal system.


Never brush away efflorescence and cover with any sealing products. We do not recommend DIY as some of the equipment we use may be dangerous and the materials used may be harmful if not handled correctly.

Flexible exterior wall coatings

GDW roof and wall systems have many years experience in applying high performance wall coatings. Now with nano technologies our wall systems are designed to eliminate the need for frequent painting and maintenance of exterior walls.

This superb resulting coating has many qualities it has a stretch of 400% elasticity so cannot peal, flake or crack. It can be applied over previously painted surfaces after suitable preparation. This modified acrylic blend is a flexible micro porous protective coating that will flex with the substrate where movement causes cracking in conventional exterior wall coatings. It has excellent resistance against ageing in normal and industrial environments.

This innovative self washable coating comes in 8 standard colours but now customised colours are available. Please call or email for further information.


Rising damp is a common problem in many buildings this can be because there has been no DPC installed or a manual membrane system has failed or been bridged. The removal and replacement of internal salt-contaminated plaster is an important part of effective damp proofing projects. If you think your property requires a damp proof course check contact us and we will carry out a free on-site survey and after the necessary testing will inform you of the results immediately.

Peace of mind guaranteed

With every DPC injection system GDW provide our clients with the approved installers guarantee certificate. This transferable document is essential when dealing with banks and building societies etc. where there is a need for 20 and 30 yr guarantee certificates (system dependable).


Quality Guaranteed 100% - 15 Year Guarantee







Will improve sales
Cost effective
Built-in fungicidal agent
Eliminates water ingress
Keeps surveyors happy
Environmental friendly
100% waterproof
Allows walls to breath
Highly durable
Future maintenance easy
Enhances property
Certificate on completion
Fade resistant





No odour
Environmental friendly
Less disruption
Very effective
Non flammable
Cost effective
Very durable
Stonework protection
Brickwork protection
Fully guaranteed
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