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Asbestos Roof Coatings

Encapsulation with elastomeric acrylic coating is the safest and most cost effective way of sealing asbestos products. In order to remove the old material that contains asbestos (hazardous material) you must consult abatement companies because they are the only ones permitted to remove such material and at great expense since local waste disposal sites do not accept hazardous material. Those materials need to be removed and taken to designated disposal waste sites.

There is no modern alternative to asbestos, despite modern technology, no replacement has yet to be found. Asbestos is a strong adaptable building material. The problem is asbestos sheeting does start to decay with time, releasing airborne fibres into the atmosphere and around your property. Protech has been specially developed to avoid costly removal of asbestos – asbestos sheeting when coated with Protech will upgrade your roof to as good as new if not better with Protech. Sealable product and coatings your asbestos will completely stop perishing leaving you with a very stable covering and there will be no need for costly re-roofing projects in the future.


Step by step

Step 1. Completely remove all moss and lichen etc from roof area and prepare for coatings

Step 2. Apply a spray coat of fungicidal wash and leave as directed

Step 3. Apply pro-tech TG6 which is a glue like substance to trap any loose fibres or particles becoming airborne

Step 4. Apply pro-tech H12 primer to seal dry in 2 hours. Fully dry in 16 hours depending on suction. Re-coat if necessary.

Step 5. Apply a final coat of Pro-tech H7 with built in primer using a 3000 psi airless spray unit creating excellent adhesion.

In the interest of health and safety, when working with asbestos extreme caution is taken throughout the project.

Fully protective clothing, gloves and air assisted masks are worn at all times during working hours.

Asbestos BeforeAsbestos-after

Asbestos BeforeAsbestos After

Very cost effective Extreme UV resistance
No need for costly re-roofing Can not peel or crack
Maintenance free Environmentally friendly
Self fire extinguishing Fully guaranteed


Quality Guaranteed 100% - 15 Year Guarantee

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